How we use water indoors is just as important as how we use it outdoors. Water is a limited resource and we must continue to use it wisely. East Valley Water District encourages customers - as well as our partners, vendors, suppliers, and employees - to look Beyond the Faucet to discover ways to use water efficiently in wet and in drought years alike. 

Curious about how much the average home uses each month? Check out this basic breakdown of monthly water consumption (PDF). It's easier than you think to do more with less water - and we're here to help. Explore this section to find out how to use water in less wasteful ways.

Tip of the Month

Drip irrigation is the most efficient way to water your plants. It reduces evaporation losses by watering the ground near the plant. Now is the best time to plan your drip system when the weather is clear and cool. You won't have the rush of setting it up in the summer when plants need it right away. Learn more monthly tips here.

Start saving today and you may qualify for a landscaping rebate of up to $200. For more information on the landscaping rebate and other rebates the District offers visit our Rebate Program.

State Water Updates

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Rebate Programs

On July 1, 2013, East Valley Water District launched a water conservation rebate program for residents within the service area to assist with replacing older fixtures with water-efficient models. In 2015, those programs were expanded to further encourage conservation indoors and outdoors. 

Funding is approved on an annual basis, and rebates are awarded on a first-come, first served basis. Click the button below for a list of rebate programs available and applications.

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