Third-Party Notification

If we ever need to send you a Past Due Notice for an unpaid utility bill, this special, free service will reduce the chance of having your water / sewer service turned off unnecessarily.

This special service allows you to name someone as your designated "Third Party" to receive a copy of the Past Due Notice. This person then can remind you of the pending shut off, just in case you forget, lose, or do not understand the notice.

We hope that our customers who are elderly, handicapped, or have any difficulty understanding the Past Due Notice will find this service useful.

Please bring this service to the attention of anyone you know who could benefit from it.

Here's How It Works

If our records report that payment has not been received for your water / sewer services, a duplicate copy of the delinquent notice will also be sent to a "Third Party." This could be a relative, neighbor, friend, clergy, social services agency, or whomever you choose to keep informed of the situation. This person has no obligation to pay the overdue bill, but may act to remind you of the pending shut off if the bill is not paid.

Here's What to Do

If you want to make use of this free notification service, please contact our Customer Service Department at 909-889-9501 for further instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department by phone at 909-889-9501, or by mail at:

  • Customer Service Department
    East Valley Water District
    31111 Greenspot Road
    Highland, California 92346-2607