Sterling Natural Resource Center

About the Project

The Sterling Natural Resource Center (SNRC) will be a state-of-the-art facility in Highland, California, that will provide a sustainable new water supply to boost the region's water independence. Capable of treating up to 8 million gallons a day, the will SNRC recharge the local Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin and create new opportunities for the surrounding community in the form of:


The SNRC will be constructed on a 16-acre parcel of land located at North Del Rosa Drive between East 5th Street and East 6th Street. The Treatment Facility would be located on the eastern property while the Administration Center would be located on the western parcel. The collection/conveyance pipelines would be constructed along the existing rights of way.

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Replenishing the Local Water Supply

The facility will transform and enhance the region's water supply by:

  • Creating a new, local source of water for the community and  region
  • By replenishing the Bunker Hill Basin with recycled water, the region will be able to store hundreds of millions of gallons of water for dry years.
  • This effort creates an opportunity to assist with meeting both local water agencies' needs and environmental commitments.
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Treatment Facility Construction Time-Lapse

East Valley Water District wants to share construction progress of the Sterling Natural Resource Center with the community. Through the installation of a time-lapse camera, community members can watch how the east side of the facility continues to develop. 

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