Home Water Evaluation

Conservation Transformation: At Your Service Home Water Use Evaluation

Did You Know?

  • 60% of water used is on outdoor irrigation
  • 50% of outdoor water usage is from over-watering.  
  • Water-efficient landscaping uses 15% less water

Start saving today with a free home water efficient evaluation!

You can save water by being water efficient both indoors and out. East Valley Water District is committed to helping our customers save water with providing them with rebates and water use evaluations. At no cost to you, we can help you  save water by evaluating your home and recommending ways on how to use water more efficiently. Evaluations are available on weekdays by appointment.

At this time home water evaluations are temporarily discontinued. To learn about water efficient tips visit the Conservation Tip of the Month page.

What is a Water Use Evaluation?

The home water use evaluation is a free program to all East Valley Water District residential customers.  A member from our staff will evaluate your water usage and make recommendations on how to start saving water and be more efficient. To participate, an adult member of the household must be present and able to locate the irrigation system controller.  

A water efficient evaluation includes:

  • A review of the landscapes conditions, and irrigation equipment.
  • Suggestions for programming controllers for effective water saving schedules.
  • Material on water wise landscaping and available rebates
  • Offer tips on low water use landscaping, where appropriate
  • Check your meter to detect leaks.

What are the benefits?

The water evaluation is a great tool to identify ways to conserve water. East Valley Water District staff can also highlight where qualifying rebates may be available. Start saving today and call for your free evaluation.