Advanced Meter Communications

East Valley Water District has partnered with Ferguson Waterworks to replace your existing water meter with an Advanced Meter communications device, also known as Smart Meter. There is no additional cost for the upgrade and it will enable you to access detailed information about your water usage, set alerts and manage your monthly costs.

With the new advanced metering devices, the District will receive automatic meter reads on an hourly basis. This consistent stream of water-use history can alert both the District and customers to pipe breaks, toilet leaks, and broken valves. In turn, customers have the ability to manage their monthly bills more efficiently, reduce water waste and prevent possible water damage. It will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions through reduced vehicle miles, emissions and fuel consumption. Traditional meter reading is a labor-intensive process performed manually by a staff member at each location.

Benefits of Advanced Meter Communications

  • Help reduce water waste
  • Utilize newer technology for reading water usage
  • Identification of leaks sooner, which reduces system water loss Improved customer service and increased customer participation
  • Extended life/use of meter
  • Improved customer service and increased customer participation
  • Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions through decreased vehicle miles and fuel consumption

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Picture of AMI Meters
  1. Phase 1
  2. Phase 2-5

Phase 1 Completed January 2017 - 100% Grant Funded Program

The California Department of Water Resources awarded East Valley Water District $2,011,465 through their 2014 Water-Energy Grant Program. The District received $2,011,465 to implement an Advanced Metering program. The 2014 Water-Energy Grant Program helps California build infrastructure improvements to address current and future droughts, and climate changes.