What would you do without water for a day? How would you take a shower, wash dishes, flush your toilet or prepare a cup of coffee?

Although the State of California is no longer in a drought, water conservation remains vital in preserving one of our most valuable natural resources. To help raise awareness of the importance of continued water conservation, East Valley Water District (EVWD) along with approximately 500 hundred organizations, companies, and municipalities nationwide participate in  Imagine A Day Without Water.

During this annual national day, EVWD staff engages the local community in a conversation on how small changes on day-to-day tasks can help conserve water, and subsequently lead to savings in their water consumption. Customers also learn how they can take advantage of EVWD’s indoor and outdoor rebate programs through the purchase of high efficiency toilets, showerheads, washing machines and installation of weather-based irrigation systems, high efficiency sprinkler nozzles and water efficient landscaping.

For additional information on Imagine a Day Without Water please visit their website. To learn how you can be more water efficient, please visit the conservation page.

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