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Welcome to East Valley Water District!

As a public agency, East Valley Water District (EVWD) strives to enhance and preserve the quality of life for the community we serve by providing safe reliable water and sewer services. 

Start Water / Sewer Service Application

For your convenience, please select the "start service" application button to apply for water / sewer service using Adobesign.Start Service Application Opens in new window

Para su comodidad Seleccione Aquí para solicitar el servicio de agua/alcantarillado utilizando Adobesign.

Required Documents

In order to verify the service address, please return the completed application and attach each of the following supporting documents:

  • Please submit a legible copy of Identification.
  • Copy of Closing/Settlement Statement or Grant Deed.

Service Deposit

A $150 deposit will be required for each dwelling unit. The option to waive or reduce service deposit must be received at the time of sign up.

Automatic Payment

Applicants have the option to apply for Automatic Payment. Applications must have auto-pay for 18 months to qualify for a Waived/Reduced Deposit. In the event that the Bank Account is closed, the customer must update the District with the new account information or the deposit will be required. If the customer has three returned Auto-pays; the Auto-Pay will be removed and a deposit will be required.

  • Single Family Residents - May sign up to have Deposit Waived
  • Commercial/Multi-Family - May sign up to have a Reduced Deposit of 50 % of required amount

Credit Check

Single-family residents with one dwelling unit have the option to apply for a Credit Check and Upon the approval of a satisfactory credit score, the Deposit will be waived.

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Our commitment to providing excellent customer service goes far beyond a friendly voice over the phone. EVWD offers:

Other Information

If the water service is currently on, we may schedule the transfer of service on the next available service date. Although we strive to establish your service as quickly as possible, service connections may take up to 2 business days for completion.

Other Utilities

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