Water Service Policy

East Valley Water District strives to provide world-class public service to the community and is here to assist residents with taking steps to maintain their water service. 

Standard Billing Cycle

Generally, customers have a grace period of twenty-two (22) days from when their bill is created, to submit a payment before the account is considered Past Due. It is shown as the Bill Date on the printed copy.

  • For example, a Bill Date of January 1 would have a Payment Due Date of January 22. 

The District understands residents have unique circumstances and unexpected life events happen. We encourage customers to contact us before their bill due date to request an alternative payment option or an extension. The District provides customers with a maximum of 3 extensions per calendar year. 

In the sections below you’ll find information on the District’s process for notifying past due accounts and disconnection of service for none payment. To view the District’s Discontinuation of Residential Water Service Policy in your preferred language, click on any of the options below. 

For questions about the District’s policy or the information provided, please contact Customer Service at (909) 889-9501.

Drinking Water
  1. Past Due Accounts
  2. Discontinuation of Service

Prior to service interruption, the District attempts to notify customers of a past due balance through various mail notices and phone calls, including:

  • Past Due Notice at least twenty-five (25) days from the Bill Due Date*. 
  • Intent to Disconnect Service (Final Notice) at least ten (10) days before the disconnection of service.
  • Courtesy phone call at least 10 days before the disconnection of service.
  • Courtesy phone call approximately 24-48 hours before the disconnection of service.

*Customers may request special payment arrangements or an extension upon receiving a Past Due Notification. Payment arrangements and extensions cannot be granted after the delivery of an Intent to Disconnect Service Notice.