Utility Bill

Get To Know Your Utility Bill!

East Valley Water District redesigned its monthly utility bill to enhance information provided to customers. The new design includes a comprehensive breakdown of services including water and sewer to represent the bundle of services offered by the District as well as:

  • Streamlined options for paying your utility statement
  • Instructions on how to access consumption information online
  • A calculation of how the District calculates residents’ Tier 1 (indoor) and Tier 2 (outdoor) water allocation. The inclusion of this calculation will assist customers in estimating future monthly budgets, promote water use efficiency, and enhance transparency between ratepayers and the District.

Front Portion

  1. Account and Billing Information
    • Includes your account number, address, bill due date and billing period information.
  2. Monthly Charges
    • Summary of water usage, sewer collection and treatment fees, and any past due balance.
  3. Historical Consumption Information
  4. NEW!Landscape Area & Meter Read
    • Landscape area is used when calculating your Tier 2 allocation. View your previous and current meter read.
  5. Amount Due Summary
    • See your payment due date and total due.

Back Portion

6. NEW! Payment Options, Account Management & Water Allocation Calculation

  • Pay your bill through several convenient options and access your account online. Learn how your water allocation is calculated for indoor and outdoor water use. 

7. Contact Information

  • Keep your contact information updated and pay your bill in cash using PayNear Me. View District office hours and emergency phone number.

8. FAQ Summary 

  • Helpful answers to questions about your bill.

New Utility Bill Front
New Utility Bill Back