Regional Recycled Water Pipeline Project

About the Project

East Valley Water District is working in partnership with San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District to install a new regional recycled water pipeline in Greenspot Road, from west of the 210 Freeway to Weaver Street. The installation will be completed in multiple phases and allow for recycled water to be conveyed to the new Weaver Basins Groundwater Recharge Facility.

Construction Notices

Greenspot Construction Phases
Greenspot Construction Map
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Phase 6 Construction Dates and Hours

Pipeline Connection at SR 210
Dates:October 2, 2023 - November 1, 2023: Pipeline Connection
November 2023 - December 2023: Street Repaving

Dates are subject to change depending on weather conditions and other factors

Lane reductions will remain in place 24 hours a day.


The 5th Street corridor between SR-210 and Church Avenue will be subject to a single east bound lane reduction. Delays are expected near the freeway ramp. Street repaving will take place along Greenspot Road, where the new recycled water pipeline was installed.

We apologize for the inconvenience and recommend adjusting drive time accordingly.