Tips for Hard Water at Home

Did you know minerals are naturally occurring in groundwater? While there is no harm or risk in consuming these elements, they can produce hard water which is often visible as small white spots on dishes and fixtures.

Hard water is common for providers like East Valley Water District that rely on groundwater as a source of water and is not an indicator of the quality of water being provided. Follow the tips below to reduce the effects of hard water at home. 

Use Vinegar

Due to its acidic properties, vinegar is a great at-home option for dissolving calcium-based hard water spots. For cleaning your faucet, soak a cloth with warm vinegar. Next, place the cloth over your faucet for about an hour. 

Lower Your Water's Temperature

Running your water heater too hot can contribute to water stains and mineral buildup. Consider lowering your heater's temperature to reduce buildup. 

Showerhead Filters

Consider installing a showerhead filter that removes calcium and magnesium from water. These specialized filters can be purchased online or at most home improvement stores. 

Dishwasher Rinse Aids

Rinse aids help remove surface tension as they thin out water, which is great for preventing calcium build up and soap scum. In addition to preventing white spots on dishes, rinse aids actually help dishes dry faster.