District Vision & Core Values


Enhance and preserve the quality of life for our community through innovative leadership and world class public service.

Core Values

Leadership: Motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal or destination.
Partnership: Developing relationships between a wide range of groups and individuals through collaboration and shared responsibility.
Stewardship: Embracing the responsibility of enhancing and protecting resources considered worth caring for and preserving.

Agency Goals and Objectives

I. Implement Effective Solutions Through Visionary Leadership
  • Identify Opportunities to Optimize Natural Resources
  • Maximize Internal Capabilities through Ongoing Professional Development
  • Strengthen Regional, State and National Partnerships
  • Encourage Performance Based Results Through Staff Empowerment
II. Maintain a Commitment to Sustainability, Transparency, and Accountability
  • Practice Transparent and Accountable Fiscal Management
  • Utilize Effective Communication Methods
  • Pursue Alternative Funding Sources
  • Provide Quality Information to Encourage Community Engagement
III. Deliver Public Service with Purpose While Embracing Continuous Growth
  • Advance Emergency Preparedness Efforts
  • Strive to Provide World Class Customer Relations
  • Promote a Positive Organizational Culture
  • Embrace an Environment of Active Learning and Knowledge Sharing
IV. Promote Planning, Maintenance and Preservation of District Resources
  • Develop Projects and Programs to Ensure Safe and Reliable Services
  • Enhance Planning Efforts that Respond to Future Demands
  • Dedicate Efforts Toward System Maintenance and Modernization
  • Enable Fact-Based Decision Making Through State-of-the-Art Data Management